Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I went for a mountain bike ride yesterday in the late afternoon. I was riding at Waterdog Park in Belmont. I used to live near this park, so have ridden the trails many times. I wasn't paying attention while riding in one stretch that I was very familiar with, so I wasn't paying that much attention. I hit some loose dirt and my front wheel slid out from under me, sending me crashing to the ground. No major damage, but I do have a lot of road rash on my arm and leg (and my arm looks much worse than my leg - but I didnt think that photo would be appropriate for this post). It hurt a lot then, and still hurts now.
昨日の午後遅くにWater Dog Parkでマウンテンバイクに乗った。前はその公園の近くに住んでいたので、その公園をよく知っている。注意しないで墜落した。右腕とひざを擦りむいた。右腕はひざより負傷している、でも右腕の写真はちょっと。痛かったよ。今も痛い。

This will cause me some problems. I likely have to reduce what I do until they at least scabs over. And even after that, I am not sure if I can do things like yoga for a while.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kayak camping

Last weekend, I went with some friends on a camping trip. But we decided to do it a little differently. Normally, you drive to the campsite or maybe hike to the campsite. Instead, we decided to kayak to the campsite.

We went up to Tomales Bay on Saturday, which is formed by Point Reyes. We launched at the town of Inverness (which is across from the town of Millerton on this map) and kayaked all the way out to Hogg Island (in the picture above), before returning back to Marshall Beach. We then unloaded the boats and set up camp. That evening, we had Lummi Salmon (see the recipe here) for dinner, which uses kelp that we harvested while we were kayaking.
土曜日にトマレスバイへ行った。Invernessという町で(地図でMillertonの近くに)カヤックに乗って、Hogg Islandに行って、Marshall Beachへ行った。陣を張った。晩にLummi Salmonを食べた(英語のレシピはここだ)。その食べ物は自分でトマレスバイで刈った昆布で作った。

Then on Sunday, we packed up our gear and and got back into the kayaks. Their wasn't any wind, so the water was perfectly smooth (and shown in picture of me). We kayaked back past Hogg Island and almost to Tom's Point before returning back to our vehicles in Inverness. Definitely a fun weekend.
日曜日にカヤックに乗った。風がなかったので、とても穏やかで、水面はまるで鏡のようだった。も一回Hog Islandに行って、九分 Tomm's Pointへ行った。その後Invernessへ行って、帰った。とても楽しかったよ。


Monday, August 14, 2006

bought a kayak

I bought a kayak this past weekend. It is a used boat, and I got it for a good price. I am looking forward to taking it out on the water.
先週末中古カヤックを買った。安かった。 カヤック乗るのは楽しみにしている。


Monday, August 07, 2006

A bad taste from Buca di Beppo restaurant

Rant time - My girlfriend and I went to a restaurant last night, but the hostess (the person handling seating, reservations, etc.) left such a bad taste with us that we left.

We had made a reservation at Buca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant in San Francisco. I had heard good things about their restaurant in Palo Alto, so we thought we would try the one in the City.

Our reservation was at 7:30. When we arrived, the hostess said that their policy was to hold a reserved table for 15 minutes before giving it to someone else, so we would now have to wait at least 20 minutes for the next table. We were a little late, both because of the trouble finding parking in SF and because my girlfriend is traditionally a little late for everything. I checked my mobile phone, and it said 7:41, and showed it to the hostess. She said her clock said 7:45.

Ok, if it was 7:45, we were officially on time, so they should not have given our table away yet.

They have a phone on the wall behind the hostess, and it has a clock on it. I looked at it, and it said 7:39. So even by their clock, we were more than within the time limit.

What I take from this is that they messed up and either didn't have a table ready for our 7:30 reservation (so even if we arrived at 7:30 we would have had to wait), or they did give away our table earlier than their policy allows. Either way, I think it was very bad form for them to blame us for being late, rather than being apologetic about not having the table and say how they will try to get us a table as soon as possible. If they said this, I would have waited the 20 minutes. But instead, they left a bad taste with me, and I have no plans to ever go back there again.

By comparison, we went from there to Asia SF, a restaurant we had wanted to go to, but was always crowded and we never seemed to get ourselves together to make reservations. Walked up to the door without a reservation, asked if they had room, and they checked and were able to seat us right away. Not the best seats to see the, um, interesting floor show, but they made an effort that went beyond just finding us seats to ensuring we had a good meal and experience.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Poorly chosen URLs

Looking at these URLs, can you tell what the sites do?


Of course, depending on how you read it, and where you break words apart, these can have different meanings. Here is what the sites are really for.
少しだけ日本語の説明する。パンクチュエーションがないので二つ読み方がある。例えば一番目は「whore presents」か「who represents」だか。意味は「売春婦は発表する」と「だれ代理人する」だ。意味はちょっと違う。

1. No, this isn't for presentations by prostitute, but a site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity
2. This is not where you go to get sex changes, but Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views
3. Not a site for male genitalia, but Pen Island, a source for pens
4. Nope, can' find rapists here. This is Therapist Finder, for those looking for a therapist
5. Not a source for drugs to make your manhood strong, but the site for The Italian Power Generator company
6. You can't grow molesters here, because this is The Mole Station Native Nursery, based in New South Wales
7. The race is not on during sex, as this is the First Cumming Methodist Church
8. Flatulence in Speedos? Not here, as this is Speed of Art, for art designers