Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bike camping

Some friends reserved the Black Mountain Backpack Camp last weekend, and invited us up. This is their annual Autumnal Festival. They bring a lot of gear up and even make dinner and breakfast for us.

Sylvia and I had never bike camped before, so were not sure if we could carry all our gear. We were able to get it all together, though this trip was a little easier for us as we didn't have to carry cooking gear or much food. So we loaded up the panniers we have and headed off.

Our load was actually rather small compared to some of the other folks. Seems there is an unofficial contest to see who can bring the most gear up by bike. Includes one couple even bringing a couch with them. And our hosts bringing lots of wine, food, and even an extra tent that is large enough for everyone to hang out in should it get cold or start to rain.

Not sure how to explain the name of the book she is reading... And, no, she doesn't live in the Castro...


Thursday, October 09, 2008

They are back

A year ago, I posted about the Blue Angels being in town. Well they are back... I took a break and watched one of their practice runs.