Friday, July 16, 2010

More whales from kayak

Heard reports of lots of ways out in Monterey Bay chasing huge quantities of krill, so decided to check it out. Matt K. was nice enough to join me, which was good, as we would be going very far out (over 5 miles from shore - see track in picture to the right).

Two videos I took are below. The videos are of different individuals, so may not even be the same type of whale.

Some conversations going around as to what type of whale they are - blue, humpback, or fin are the most common mentioned. The first video (showing the fluke) looks to be a blue). The second video has a larger dorsal fin than would be expected for a blue, so perhaps is a fin whale. But fin whales don't normally show their flukes when they dive, and this guy did. And no reports of fins in the area from the whale watch boats. Maybe a humpback? But I got some shots of a humpback in the same area a few years ago, and there were much smaller than this (video clip at

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