Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kayak camping

Last weekend, I went with some friends on a camping trip. But we decided to do it a little differently. Normally, you drive to the campsite or maybe hike to the campsite. Instead, we decided to kayak to the campsite.

We went up to Tomales Bay on Saturday, which is formed by Point Reyes. We launched at the town of Inverness (which is across from the town of Millerton on this map) and kayaked all the way out to Hogg Island (in the picture above), before returning back to Marshall Beach. We then unloaded the boats and set up camp. That evening, we had Lummi Salmon (see the recipe here) for dinner, which uses kelp that we harvested while we were kayaking.
土曜日にトマレスバイへ行った。Invernessという町で(地図でMillertonの近くに)カヤックに乗って、Hogg Islandに行って、Marshall Beachへ行った。陣を張った。晩にLummi Salmonを食べた(英語のレシピはここだ)。その食べ物は自分でトマレスバイで刈った昆布で作った。

Then on Sunday, we packed up our gear and and got back into the kayaks. Their wasn't any wind, so the water was perfectly smooth (and shown in picture of me). We kayaked back past Hogg Island and almost to Tom's Point before returning back to our vehicles in Inverness. Definitely a fun weekend.
日曜日にカヤックに乗った。風がなかったので、とても穏やかで、水面はまるで鏡のようだった。も一回Hog Islandに行って、九分 Tomm's Pointへ行った。その後Invernessへ行って、帰った。とても楽しかったよ。



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