Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cars are expensive / 車は高いよ

I have had my Subaru Outback for 5 years now, and driven 60,000 miles. I decided to see how much the car has been costing me, so I pulled out my files and added up all my expenses. The summary is listed below:
5年間Subaru Outback(日本のLegacy Lancasterと大体同じ)を持っている。今まで100,000キロメートルぐらいを運転した。いくらか知りたいんだ。運転費を加えた。

SummaryTotalPer MilePer KM
Depreciation (減価償却)$13,966.80$0.23$0.14
Car insurance (インシュアランス)$4,000.00$0.07$0.04
Service / Repairs (手入れ)$4,281.70$0.07$0.04
Gas Cost (ガソリン)??$0.14$0.08
Registration (書留料)$905.00$0.02$0.01
Total (全部) $0.52$0.32

Expensive, isn't it.

Depreciation, insurance, and registration won't change much with the amount I drive, so they are essentially fixed costs. Only if I sell the car would these expenses go away. But service costs and gas costs are directly related to how much I drive, so are variable costs.
減価償却とインシュアランスと書留料はどれだけ運転しても大体同じエクスペンスだ。 車を売るなら、そのエクスペンスがある。だから固定費だろう。 手入れとガソリンは変動費だ。

If I find I am not using my car a lot, it may make sense to sell it. There are car share companies in San Francisco that could work, such as Zip Car and City Car Share.
もし車をあまり使わなかったら、売れる。短い時間のレンタカー会社がある。例えば、Zip CarCity Car Shareだ。

You can see the spreadsheet I used to calculate this at



At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about parking (lots, everyday)?

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, Peat, what's with the heiroglyphics?

Why do you want to learn Japanese, anyway? It's a stilted and stifling culture. And it's a declining civilization. There won't be any Japanese after a while. Their population is aging and their young women are marrying in fewer numbers.

Does any body care that there are no more Romans?

At 1:31 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

Thanks for the comments...

Parking is an issue. Until recently, I had parking as part of my housing, so I would only pay for parking when I went to the city or the airport. Now I do pay for a parking spot separate from my housing. I did not track that.

Nor did I track other costs, like car washes or accessories (like the bike rack on the roof).

On Japanese - I am studying it because I like the culture and think the language would be useful business wise (Japan is still the second largest economy in the world). And with 125 million people, even with their low birth rate, Japan should still have a lot of people long after I pass away.


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