Friday, May 26, 2006

What country's beer? どこからビール?

Yesterday, I bought some Asahi Super Dry Beer at the local super market. This is a beer that I would often drink when I was in Japan. And these cans look similar to what I drank there, including even having the words "Super Dry" and ”Asahi Beer" written in Japanese.  And even the kanji character nama (生) which means draft beer.
昨日スーパーでアサヒスーパードライを買った。 日本にいた時アサヒを飲んだ。 ここで買ったアサヒと日本のアサヒは大体同じみたいと思う。 その缶も「アサヒビール」と「スーパードライ」をカタカナで書いている。そして漢字の「生」を書いている。

But on reading the can, I found an interesting surprise. On the side, it is labeled "Product of Canada". Huh?



At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Motomi said...

Hi Peter,

I guess it is because of cost of shipping wheat and barley. Canada, I suppose, produces and exports wheat and barley, and I guess, hop. If Asahi produce beer at home, they can cut the costs such as shipping, petrol (reflecting recent rise in oil prices), labour and duty.


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