Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why "peter-singlespeed"


Some people may wonder why I chose the address for this Blog? The Peter part shouldn't be too hard to figure out, as that is my name. But the singlespeed part is there because my personal website is

So why is my personal website called singlespeed? I created this site back in the late-90s, when I was very much in to riding and racing bicycles. At that time, I had started riding a single speed mountain bike, so decided to use that as the name for my web site. Singlespeed wasn't my first choice, but many of my other choices (like my family name) were not available as URLs.

This is not actually my only Blog. I have another that I am writing in from time to time related to my marketing consulting business at I post business problems and my solutions there from time to time.

I also had a set of Blogs related to my times in Asia. Last November, I had one just for my studies in Japan at And I had another from when I was studying in Japan in 2003 at And also one from when I was living in Korea and traveling all around Asia for work in 2000-2001 at As these were all related to specific travels, which are now completed, none of these Blogs are edited any more.

どうして「」のURLを撰んだ? Peter(ピーター)葉私の名前なので理解できたね。でもsinglespeed(シングルスピード)は? 私のホームページはhttp://www.singlespeed.orgだから。

どうして私のホームページはsinglespeedだ? 2000年の前にそのホームページを書いた。その時よく自転車に乗った。Singlespeedと言うタイプの自転車も持っていた。 色々なURLの名前を考えていたが、いい名前(例えば、私の名前)はなかった。Singlespeedの自転車は人気が出始めたので、その名前を選んだ。


そしてアジアの時ブログした。去年の10月と11月に日本に勉強していたhttp://peter-japan2005.blogspot.comを書いていた。そして2003年にもだ。2000年と2001年に韓国に住んでいたり、アジア中に旅行したり、した時も。 で書いていた。今そのブログを書いていない。



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