Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogs I Read - Tokyo Girl

I am not sure if everyone knows, but you can track Blogs (like mine) using a Blog aggregator program. The one I use is Bloglines. Basically, I tell Bloglines which Blogs I want to read, and it tracks which postings I have read. When I view the Bloglines web page, it then tells me if there are new postings that I have not read yet. This makes it easy for me to keep up to date on other people's Blogs (and you can use this to keep track of when I post in my Blogs).

On that, here is one of the Blogs I read often. It is called Tokyo Girl, and it is rather amusing. I have only recently started reading this, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. She is British, married to a German guy, has a young child, and had to move to Japan for her husband's job. Definitely brings about some interesting insights into life there. And a few laughs.

ブログについてブログ集積者で知りやすいよ。私はBloglinesを使う。 私はBloglinesに読みたいブログを告げると、Bloglinesが読んだブログの経過を追う。BloglinesのHPを見ると、新しいブログの日記を教える。新しい日記を読みやすいよ。私のブログについても。

それについて、よく読むブログはTokyo Girlと言うブログだ。楽しい。最近は読み始まる、でもすぐに私の好きなブログの一つになっている。彼女はイギリス人で、ご主人はドイツ人だ。子供さんがいる。ご主人お仕事のために東京に引っ越させた。面白くて時々おかしい経験がある。



At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Nathan Miller said...

Thanks for your comments! Yes, I have read come across Tokyo Girl myself! I am in quite impressed with your Japanese! I haven't had time to read everything, however you seem to be trunking right along! As for the hospital job, well it is a long story, basically boils down to they needed a native English speaker/with Japanese skills...My boss has taught me everything I need to know to complete an analysis. Back to your Japanese, it sounds like you have been studying for a while, how have your speaking skills developed? Hmmmm...Your site makes me want to post more in Japanese, so ya better keep watching!! More great stuff to come!!

At 4:20 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

Nathan - not sure if you are following this, but I'll post the response here.

I have been studying for over 3 years now. I passed JLPT level 3, but am not ready for 2 yet. My conversation skills are generally better than my reading/writing, I think. But I do use the Blog as a chance to practice.

Oh, your Blog is up for a "Bogs I Read" mention here soon. It was after seeing post #100 and how you mentioned other Blogs that make me think of listing some I follow. And I am working backwards, so had seen post number 101 just before that - definitely my favorite of yours so far.

At 9:59 AM, Blogger PeterD said...

Guess it is now Tokyo Girl in Oz, as she and her family has moved to Australia. Interesting to hear her compare Oz to Japan.


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