Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Presentaton on Cyclocross

日本語は英語の後だ (Japanese version follows English)。

For my Japanese class, I had to do a presentation on a hobby of mine. Here is a web version of that presentation:

Cyclocross Bicycle Race:
I like to ride bicycles. Mountain bikes and road bikes. I have also raced. One type of racing I have been doing is Cyclocross.

CX is a mix of running and bicycling. But unlike a triathlon, you carry your bike when you run. You ride the bicycle as much as you can, and when you can’t, you get off, pick up the bicycle, and run. And when you are able to ride again, you ride.

Cyclocross originated in Europe more than 75 years ago as a way for road bike racers to practice in the off season. Because it is the off-season, that means it happens in late fall or winter, when the weather can be unpredictable. As such, the races often occur in rain or snow.

The Race:
The race course is relatively short – usually between 1 and 2 miles long. Beginners do as many laps as they can on the course for 30 minutes. Experts race as many laps as they can for 1 hour. The winner is the person who does the most laps the fastest in the time allotted. See this video (2.6MB, .WMV format) for an example of a race from a racer's perspective.

The race takes place on pavement, dirt paths, mud, snow, etc. Because the race course has barriers, racers are forced to get off their bike and run. Because it is such a short race course, the entire race is a sprint. The racers are going all out for the entire race.

An important skill to learn is the dismount and remount – being able to get off and on your bike quickly and safely is very important. See this video (3MB, .MPG format) for an example of fast dismounts and remounts.

Benefits to participants:
Because of the challenging terrain, you develop bike-handling skills. You also are able to train during the off season. And it is great power training – riders do lots of intervals.








速くて安全に自転車に乗り方と降り方はとても大切です。 このビデオ(3メガバイト.MPGフォーマット)は速い自転車に乗り方と降り方を見せます




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