Friday, February 10, 2006

Soccer Match - US versus Japan

日本語は英語の後だ (Japanese version follows English)。

picture from US-Japan soccer match - click to enlargeYesterday, I went with friends to see the soccer match between the US and Japanese national teams. They were playing at SBC Park (a baseball stadium) here in San Francisco, so it was very convenient to go.

The match was good. Japan had a slow start, and allowed 2 goals to be scored on them in the first half. America scored a third goal, and then Japan started to try to come back, but was only able to score 2 goals before the end of the match.

This was only the second match I have seen - the first being the one I saw in Japan last fall (see my write up for that match here).

The match here was much more crowded, with over 37,000 people there today (there was maybe 1/3 that in Japan). But everything also seemed much less efficient. There were huge lines and delays to get in to the stadium, to buy any food, and to use the restroom. The stadium is made to handle over 37,000 people, so I don't think the delays were due to the crowds. I am not sure the cause, but I am sure in Japan they would have found the cause and fixed it long before people showed up.


よかったよ。 日本は始めによくなかった。アメリカは前半に2ゴールを決めた。後半にアメリカは1ゴールも決めた。でも、その後日本は2ゴールを決めた。

この試合は2番目の試合を見た。一番目は去年日本で日本プロサッカーリーグだった - (ブログで日本語も日記を書いた)。



At 5:53 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

I forgot to mention - it was weird to be around so many Japanese people, yet not be in Japan. On the bus ride back home after the game, there were definitely more Japanese speakers than Spanish speakers, and possibly more Japanese speakers than English speakers.
何か忘れちゃった。 アメリカに多い日本人がいたのはちょっと珍しかった。試合の後バスの中に日本語を話せる人はスペイン語を話せる人より多かった。 多分英語を話せる人より多いだった。


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