Thursday, January 12, 2006

Photos from Chemelex Alumni get together

Click on the photos to see large size.

If there are any Chemelex alumni who find there way here, but are not on the Yahoo email list for Chemelex alumni (which is the primary way of announcing this event), please go to this web site or drop me an email to sign up.

I am using my Blog to post the photos, as this is an easy way for me to do it (rather than sticking them on my web site, which would require some HTML coding). For those that aren't from Chemelex - these are photos from the annual gathering of people who used to work at the Chemelex division of Raychem Corporation (which I did for some 9 years).


At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Sandy said...

Wow, those were some really good photos of you and your colleges. Oh, and the picture of you didn't look so bad either ; ) Hit me up sometime!


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