Friday, December 30, 2005

Attached by a pack of, um, dogs

The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper reported:
"A police officer escorting a teenager home from a traffic stop Thursday morning was attacked by a pack of Chihuahuas at the front door of the boy's home. The officer suffered bite wounds to his ankles, was treated at Washington Hospital and returned to work within two hours, Fremont police Detective Bill Veteran said."

This seems a bit funny. I have trouble seeing how a pack of Chihuahuas could be that dangerous...

San Francisco Chronicle新聞によるとカリフォルニア州のフリモントという町の警官が犬の群れに襲われたそうだ。でも犬はチワワだった。足首だけを噛んだ。アイフルのチワワはあぶなそうだか?ちょっと可笑しいだね。


At 2:01 PM, Anonymous YH said...

The Chihuahuas were trainned to do that by the boy!

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pack of Chihuahua's would be like a school of piranha. They don't need training to do anything like that. They are very territorial and protective. Yes, I own Chi's and have worked hard to keep mine from attacking anything that moves... Mouse


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