Saturday, December 03, 2005

Browsing Magazines in Japan

In Japan, it is very common to see people browsing magazines at convenience stores. Many of the magazines, even the comics, would be categorized as adult magazines (because they contain nudity) in the States. Now a rule is being put into place that seals these magazines to try to prevent people from reading them in the stores. Read about it in this article from Mainichi Daily Newspaper.

Interesting, there has been an unexpected consequence. I would have expected that this rule would cause the sales to increase, as the people who used to browse the magazines in stores would now have to pay to be able to read them. But instead, the article reports that they have had an increase in people willing to model for these magazines.

Of course, sealing them to prevent someone from reading the magazine in a store won't stop another potential problem - people reading these magazines in public places (like on the train) where anyone can see the content.

Japan has different standards of morality than America, and that is fine. But I would not be comfortable looking at magazines like these in public.






At 3:13 PM, Anonymous motomi said...

Hi again,

When I went to a rural city in Aus last week, I saw a collection of photos at a kiosk. It was about male nudity and they completely exposed themselves. The book was assumed to be a kind of art and placed where young kids can reach easily. However, as long as things are regarded as "Arts", there is no such a restriction existing in the U.S. However, kids around 7 y/o harassed me when I perused one of copies saying "Hey Miss! It is not what you should look".


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