Saturday, September 17, 2005

10,000 Waves report

This week, I visited 10,000 Waves spa in Sante Fe. I was going with a friend who wanted to meet the owner of 10,000 Waves, who I had met in Japan 3 years ago.

Along with the business aspects, we were also able to take advantage of the spa's amenities. Overall, it was relaxing. All I did was enjoy the natural environment and use the communal hot tub. They also offer many services like massages、aromatherapy, and private tubs. My friend got a massage, and said that it was the best massage she had ever had.

Is 10,000 Waves an onsen? It not really an onsen - they do use natural mineral water, but they have to heat it. Onsen's use naturally heated water.

Nor is it totally Japanese style, but closer than most in America. Japanese style architecture, many Japanese items around, etc., but in a Southwestern nature setting. In Japan, I think the focus would have been on the tubs, where in America the focus is much more on the spa services.

I guess it was reasonably close to Japanese style, because I was relaxing on the deck by the tub after a soak and enjoying the grounds and looking for warped trees, which you see all around Japan. I felt like there should have been some right by the tub's deck.

After enjoying the tubs, we went for sushi dinner with the owner and some others. He had two guests from Japan - one of who was a surprise to me - she was one of my sensei's when I last studying in Japan.

今週Sante Feの10,000 Wavesと言うスパーへ行った。会社を手伝う女の人と3年前に岡崎市で会った10,000 Wavesの社長を紹介した。

マッサージとかアロマセラピーとかもある。 友達はマッサージをした。 「一番いいマッサージ」と言った。

10,000 Wavesは温泉だろう? ちょっと違うと思う。ナチュラル・ミネラル・ウォーターだ、でも温めなければならない。

温泉に入ったの後、10,000 Wavesの社長と寿司の晩ご飯を食べた。そこで日本人2人がいっしょに食べた。 私はびっくりした。 3年前に日本で勉強した先生がいたから。 世の中狭いね。



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