Friday, September 09, 2005

Motorcycle air bag

Honda has added an airbag to the Gold Wing 1800cc motorcycle. Seems like an interesting idea, except:
1) most people I know of who are injured from motorcycle accidents are injured because of falling over, which this would not really protect from.
2) why did they choose to have a supplier of inflatable sex dolls provide the airbags? (at least that is what it looks like)

本田はGold Wing 1800ccのオートバイにエアバッグがある。 面白いアイデアだ、でも:
2)どうしてダッチハズバンドの会社でエアバッグを買った? (そうらしいね)


At 11:51 PM, Blogger MariusCaius said...

yes very funny !! looks like the poor guy has to suck an ass !! ty very much, let me fall off the bike and hit the ground !


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