Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Great online English-Japanese dictionary

A friend recommended to me a great online English-Japanese dictionary. It is at It has the most words in its dictionary of any I have every seen. For example, only one of my 3 dictionaries has the word "biotech" in it, and that one has 6 entries. This dictionary has over 139 entries! Many words that I can not find elsewhere are in this dictionary.

Something I won't translate - how to use it. This is a Japanese web site, so the instructions are all in Japanese. This could be a challenge for anyone who is just starting to learn Japanese. The basics are that you enter the word or words in to the blue box at the top, and click the "英和.和英" button to search on this term. It does look for exact matches for the text you enter, so make sure you spell it correctly.

The other button ("クリア") is just for clear, which you can just as easily do by deleting the text in the box.

友だちはの英和辞典を勧めた。たくさん言葉があるよ。例えば「biotech」の言葉を捜した。英和辞典3本を持っている。でも1つだけはその言葉が6語ある。は139語があるよ。 見つけない言葉がある。


At 10:11 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

The dictionary uses some symbols, so I figured giving some details on them may be useful:

【レベル】this line gives the pronunciation
【他動】transitive verb
【自動】intransitive verb
【人名】person's name
【地名】place name

At 8:37 AM, Blogger PeterD said...

My friend, Yuko, sent me the following useful information:

I looked up abbreviation of parts of the speech and found the following site.

Level refers to the difficulty of that English word.
1 (basic) to 12 (broaden your world)

1 = 英語の基礎をなす必須単語
2 = 日常生活で活躍する英単語
3 = 楽しく会話がはずむ英単語
4 = 読解の基礎を固める英単語
5 = 大学受験前に覚える英単語
6 = 検定試験に挑戦する英単語
7 = 表現力を豊かにする英単語
8 = 読解の自信を深める英単語
9 = TOEIC高得点を狙う英単語
10 = 英文雑誌を楽しめる英単語
11 = 自分の視野を広げる英単語
12 = 世界をさらに広げる英単語

Parts of speech

{名} 名詞 めいし noun
{代} 代名詞 だいめいし pronoun
{形} 形容詞 けいようし adjective
{動} 動詞 どうし verb
{他動} 他動詞 たどうし transitive verb
{自動} 自動詞 じどうし intransitive verb
{助} 助動詞 じょどうし auxiliary verb
{句動} 句動詞 くどうし phrasal verb
{副} 副詞 ふくし adverb
{接} 接続詞 せつぞくし conjunction, conjunctive, particle,
{間} 間投詞 かんとうし interjection, interjecting
{前} 前置詞 ぜんちし preposition
{略} 略語 りゃくご abbreviation


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