Thursday, August 04, 2005

Clone "man's best friend" or food?

Sorry - just a quick posting, so no Japanese. Maybe I will add it when I get a chance next week...

The US news media recently reported that Korea cloned a dog and used headlines like "Man's best friend cloned". Here is an example of the story from CNN.

I read this and had to laugh. Did Korea clone man's best friend, or food? You see, in Korea dogs are sometimes on the menu. They are actually considered a delicacy, but mostly older generations prefer them (the younger folks I spent time with in Korea didn't like it). I guess this would be like America cloning a cow, and India reporting that we had cloned a holy being.

Yes, I did try it once (I tried most everything local when I was traveling). Didn't seem all that different than a dark pork to me, though I had it in a stew so perhaps couldn't adequately pick out the meat flavor from the stew.


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