Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ICE for your mobile phone


A friend recently sent me a posting that sounds potentially useful. There is a recommendation going around to add a contact into your mobile phone under the name "I C E". This stands for "In Case of Emergency".

It has always been a challenge for emergency personal to determine who to contact if a person is injured and not able to respond. Recently, they have started looking through the address book of the victim's mobile phone to determine who to contact. But, even if you have a listing for "Mom" in your phone, they don't know if she is the best person to contact (maybe your husband or wife would be better).

So some people are recommending that you put an entry called "I C E" into your phone, perhaps followed by the name of the person.

There is a sight called that checks to see if things are valid or just urban legends, and they say this valid (though seem to refer to England a lot - so maybe this is just a British thing).

So I have now added this entry into my phone.


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