Monday, July 18, 2005

Sumo in Las Vegas?

There will be a sumo tournament in Las Vegas.

Interesting, many Japanese activities have been coming to America recently. A few weeks ago, there was a Kabuki performance in Berkeley. Last summer, 2 Kyoto Geisha came to San Francisco and performed. I probably won't go to the Sumo tournament, but I did see the Kabuki and Geisha performances.

Many Japanese have not even seen these events. When I went to Kabuki in Japan, it was the first time for the guy from our office that went with me. Same with when I went to see Sumo. It almost seems like it is easier for Americans to see these than Japanese?


最近アメリカでは沢山日本の活動がある。 2,3週間前にバークレーで歌舞伎があった。この前の夏にサンフランシスコで祇園の芸者二人を演じた。 相撲に行かないと思う、でも歌舞伎と芸者を見た。

沢山日本人は歌舞伎や芸者や相撲を見たことがない。 日本で会社員と歌舞伎を見た。その会社員は始めてみた。 他の会社員はいっしょに相撲を見た。 彼も始めてみた。アメリカで見る事は日本でよりやさしいだろうか?


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