Friday, July 22, 2005

SushiCafe Blog and Japanese English Salon

A friend of mine has a web site and Blog which is interesting. He is Japanese, but lives in America. He writes about many interesting things he sees. He keeps the site in both English and Japanese.

He also is one of the main organizers of the Japanese English Salon, a culture and language exchange group that I am part of. It is a good group.


そして彼(と他の人)はJapanese English Salonと言うグループを組織した。そのグループには日本人とアメリカ人に会ったり、に本語と英語を練習したり、する。 いいグループだよ。



At 6:56 AM, Anonymous motomi said...

Hi Peter-san,

I haven't checked your blog for a long time as I moved the house recently. How is your trip to JP? I would like to add your blog to mine, but strangely, just rejects blogs which do not use xml and other style yahoo accepets. Very strange and inconvenient!

At 10:04 AM, Blogger PeterD said...

My blog does have XML. It is


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