Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Long weekend away

My girlfriend and I went south for a long weekend vacation. On Thursday and Friday, we were in Los Angeles to see the King Tut exhibit (http://www.kingtut.org/exhibition.htm). We also spent some time walking around Hollywood and getting dinner in Chinatown.

The King Tut exhibit was amazing. Both amazing to see the artifacts, but also amazingly crowded.
ツタンカーメンの出展は凄かった。 出土品は凄かった。 そして凄い込んでいた。

From Friday through Monday, we were at the beach. We stayed at a town called Pismo Beach, which is near San Luis Obispo. From the hotel, we could see the ocean.  I am very relaxed now.
金曜日から月曜日まで浜辺にいた。 Pismo Beachと言う町はサンルイスオビスポの近くだった。 ホテルから海を見えた。くつろいだ気分になった。

We also went wine tasting. First we went to the Edna Valley area, which was disappointing. All the vineyards charged a tasting fee, which surprised us. One vineyard we really liked was Wolff. They had a great atmosphere - the tasting was more like outdoor dining than tasting. And they didn't charge a tasting fee. On the second day, we went to the Highway 46 area of Paso Robles. The wines were good there, and most tasting rooms did not charge a fee.
そして利き酒をした。 初めてEdna Valleyの地方へ行った。失望させた。ワイン醸造用は手数料がある。 でもWolffと言うワイン醸造用が大好きだ。 いいムードがあった。 そして手数料がない。2日にPaso Roblesの地方で利き酒をした。Paso Roblesのほがいいだった。おいしいワインで手数料がない。



At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Nori姉 said...

Sounds great!!
It was so nice your vacation!
I want to go to Los Angeles someday..

And Thank you so much to visit to my Blog right away.

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous motomi said...

My hubbie and I might go to the States next year. Where do you recommend to go???

At 12:31 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

Motomiさん - are you married now? Congratulations! Given how much you like movies, I would think that you would want to visit Hollywood and see the studios. But of course, you will have to come visit San Francisco!
もう結婚している? おめでとう! 映画が好きから、ハリウッドと映画スタジオを見たほうがいいよ。 もちろん、ぜひサンフランシスコに行かなくてはいけない。


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