Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Men don't want sex?

I read an article in the MaiNichi Daily newspaper that talks about how men in Japan are the ones who stop having sex after marriage.

This surprised me, as the perception I had was that it is more common for women to have a lower sex drive after marriage in America. Actually, it may be after kids instead of marriage. Of course, I could be wrong, as I have not yet been married.

There are variations on the following joke:
"Why was the woman smiling on her wedding day?"
"Because knew she had given her last blow job"

Ok, oral sex is not all there is to sex, but this joke does perpetuate a stereo-type that women aren't interested in some parts of sex for itself, but as a means to accomplish something else (marriage).

Interesting, isn't it. Maybe one day I will get married and find out for myself about the changes in sex life.

MaiNichi Dailyの新聞に興味深い記事があった。 「男の人は結婚の後に妻とセックスをしたくない」と言った。

驚いたよ。 アメリカに女の人がセックスをしたくないと思った。実は出産の後だろう。私は結婚していないから、間違えるかも知れない。





At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one comment from a Japanese man. I had a few friends who divorced because of sex problem. They all took place at the birth moment now I remember. They all became neurosis. No sex any more. That made them divorce. I didn’t take those moments because I lose my mind when I even hear the story of many bloods. All my women relatives rejected me to come or even think of it. <-This was a good advice for me now I think. My father and my grand father didn’t take that places so I heard. I think at least my case I can not follow the Western way (<-Just I think.) Ricardo


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