Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Support Our Troops Stickers


It is very common to see ribbon-shaped bumper stickers on cars that say "Support Our Troops". Interesting, I get the feeling that the people who put these stickers on are really saying "support our efforts in Iraq", instead of "support our troops".

To me, support our troops means that we should make sure they are:
1) treated well
2) have the best equipment so they can be as safe as possible in a dangerous job
3) only be used when absolutely necessary and when the people of the US believe in the cause

I do support our troops. But this last point is one I don't think we have been doing, as I don't think starting a war in Iraq was the right thing to do for our country. And based on recent surveys, much of the US population also is beginning to lose support for the war. Our leaders have placed our troops in harms way without a good reason to do so.

I guess the people who support the war don't feel they can come out and say "Let's go to war for oil", "Let's borrow billions more dollars to liberate a country that doesn't seem to want to be liberated", or "Support killing Iraqis". So they put ribbons on saying to support out troops.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger ArcticFox said...

A very honest and interesting opinion (rare, because I haven't heard many Americans that are against the war - mebbe I didn't read enough blogs), but hell yeah, the war is wrong... and you are right, the troops do a tough job and deserve support. I am sure that being shot at every day for the protection of oil interests soon wears quite thin for them.



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