Monday, September 12, 2005

Going to 10,000 Waves

On Wednesday, I am going to Sante Fe, NM to visit 10,000 Waves, a Japanese style onsen. I am going to introduce the manager, who I had met 3 years ago when I was studying in Okazaki, Japan, with a woman who I have been helping start a new business. I love onsens in Japan, and am looking forward to seeing what this one is like.

水曜日10,000 Wavesと言う温泉に行くためにサンタフェに出張する。 会社を手伝う女の人は3年前に岡崎市で会った10,000 Wavesの社長を紹介する。 温泉が大好きだ。10,000 Wavesへ行ってみたい。



At 12:56 AM, Blogger maki to the MAX ! said...

(sorry I mistakely posted this comment to your other blog)

wow, this place is very pretty!
did you know there is a women only onsen in SF, mission district ?
I went this place onece and I tought it was very interesting. They use pretty blue light so that you feel like you are in the deep sea. Also they play chill house(techno music), very relaxing !


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