Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year. Tomorrow (January 29) is the start of the new year, based on the lunar calendar. It will be the year of the dog.
旧正月おめでとうございます。 明日(1月29日)は陰暦の元日だ。戌年だ。

You maybe have noticed that I called it "Lunar New Year", not "Chinese New Year". Most people I know do call it "Chinese New Year", but I annoyed some of my coworkers when I was living in Korea by calling it that. Korea, along with China, Viet Nam, Thailand, and other countries in the region all follow the lunar calendar. Understandably, someone from Korea won't want to hear a name that makes it sound like the calendar belongs to China.
「中国の春節」と言わないが、「旧正月」と言ったよ。 アメリカにはよく「中国の春節」と言っている。韓国に住んだ時の前、私も「中国の春節」と言った。「中国の春節」と言うのは中国のカレンダーの意味なので、韓国人の共同者は「だめだ」と言った。韓国やベトナムやタイ国も陰暦を使う。

My girlfriend was born in Hong Kong. Today we went to San Francisco's Chinatown for a dim sum lunch. It was delicious.


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