Monday, February 06, 2006

Competitor to the Super Bowl

There was a Pay per View show on at the same time as the Super Bowl for those that think that professional football is a bit tame. It was called the Lingerie Bowl. Clink on the link to see some photos.

I was in the mountains playing in the snow, so I didn't see either of these. The Super Bowl usually has very interesting advertisements - often better than the action on the playing field (you can see this year's ads by clicking here). But I suspect that the Lingerie Bowl's were not nearly as good (but then again, maybe it didn't need them).


私は山で散歩したのでどちらも見なかった。でもスーパーボウルの広告はいつもとても面白いだ (今年の広告はここにある)。 多分ランジェリーボウルの広告ほどようくなかったと思う。


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