Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Joshua Tree

Last weekend, my girlfriend and I went down to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park. These are both located in a desert in Southern California. While there, we hiked and hoped to view desert wildflowers in bloom.

This picture shows Joshua trees, which the park was named after. The smaller plant to left is a yucca plant. And there is snow on the ground - it was cold and even snowed there, which is very rare for this part of California.

This picture shows the Bigelow cholla cactus in bloom. These cactus live at a lower altitude than the Joshua trees, so are in a different part of the park.

This picture shows Sylvia standing behind a beavertail cactus that is in bloom. This was the only one of these cacti which we saw in bloom - most did not look like they were even close to being ready to bloom yet.
シルビアさんは咲いたビーバー・テイル・サボテンの後ろにいた写真だ。そのビーバー・テイル・サボテンは一つで咲いた。 他のはもう少しいかかるだろう。

This is a picture of a barrel cactus in bloom. They produce these yellow blooms on their top. These cacti can get pretty large - this one was about 3 feet tall and a foot in diameter.

This picture is of a waterfall in Indian Canyon that we hiked to. Because of the recent rain and snow, there was a lot of water flowing through the waterfall.

The trip was a lot of fun.



At 4:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know Josha tree is real! I thought it could mean something because I bought a CD of U2, Josha tree...I learned one thing today, thank you, Peter!


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