Friday, March 10, 2006

3 candidates for US President?

CNN is reporting that Alan Greenspan is predicting that there will be a third candidate for President in one of the next two elections. He thinks this because the Democratic party promotes very liberal candidates, and the Republican party promotes very conservative candidates, leaving a lot of people in the center without representation. This leaves room for a well-financed, third party candidate to run in the center. It doesn't say whether he thinks that candidate will win.

I think that a moderate candidate would be a good thing, and I would probably vote for such a person.

CNN によるとアラン・グリーンスパンは2008年か2012年に大統領候補者3人を予測するそうだ。
中道派の資金力のある大統領候補者の余地がある。 その人は当選するそうじゃない。



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