Friday, April 07, 2006

Caught in a second lie

Looks like Bush has been caught in a second lie. He has repeatedly said that he condones leaks of secrets, yet now he will not deny that either he or Vice President Cheney may have been the ones who leaked the data.

This follows the lie he was caught in related to domestic spying, where he once said that it was something they didn't do, and then it comes out that he had secretly authorized spying. Seems he lied so he could hide the program, so it would be more effective.

But how is this all that different than Bill Clinton lying about an affair with an intern?

And if Bush has lied about these things, what else has he also lied about?

ブッシュ大統領は二つ目うそがばれたそうだ。 何回も「秘密がもれる事はだめだ」と言った 、でも今ブッシュ大統領はブッシュ大統領とチェイニー副大統領が秘密がもれなかったと言わない。





At 11:06 PM, Anonymous motomi said...


I think both told a lie, but the nature of lies are different from my perspectives.

Spying on something is just undermining security of a nation, trust from her citizens, and integrity of the president. As for Bill, only his integrity was at a stake. He lied, but somehow, I felt that it was not that bad comparing with Bush. He has caused a lot of damages to his people and people outside of his country. Very irresponsible.

Even the prince of Britain, who relies on people's tax money on his living and inheritance as a result of bandits from the world, are allowed to have an adultry and eventually got married to his mistress. Affairs would not be so serious things to argue a person's integrity compaing with leading the world to a total mess

At 11:07 PM, Anonymous motomi said...

Peter-san, would you mind if I add your address to my blog?


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