Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogs I Read - Bicycle Sidewalk

Another Blog that I track with Bloglines is one called Bicycle Sidewalk. It is a Vlog (video web log), actually, as the author post video clips on it. And even though it is called Bicycle Sidewalk, it is not about bicycles (which is too bad, given my interest in cycling). Instead it is about life in Japan. The author lives in the city of Kurume on the Island of Kyushu (the big island on the south-western tip of Japan).

One of my favorite posts is Post #101, which took place at a local (to him) elementary school.

One downside is that being video, the files can be rather large to download. If you are one of the 12 people in the U.S. who are still using dial-up, you may not want to view this site until you upgrade to DSL or cable.

他のよく読むブログはBicycle Sidewalk(自転車の歩道の意味)だ。実はビデオブログだ。「自転車」と言う名前があるのに、自転車の事がない。日本に住んでいる事だ。ビデオブログ作成者は九州の久留米市に住んでいる。

私の好きな事の一つは101番目の日記だ。小学校の事だ。 楽しかった。

ビデオは大きいファイル・サイズなので、遅いダウンロードだ。 ダイヤルアップ接続を使ったら、このサイツを見ないほうがいいよ。



At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Nathan Miller said...

Wow! Thanks for the kind words! Next time I mention blogs I read, I will be sure you mention yours!

At 9:54 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

Wasn't looking for a tit-for-tat deal...

At 3:20 AM, Anonymous Nathan Miller said...

I know you weren't looking for a tit tat deal, however I like to like to mention; spread the word about great media on the net whenever I can...and yours is certainly worth talking about...a great site to motivate my students, an American who can crank out wonderful Japanese...have shown your site to my students and they just look in awe!!! YOU GOT THEIR WHELLS TURNING!!!


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