Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blogs I Read - Learn Japanese Podcast

Another Blog that I read, or in this case listen to, is the Learn Japanese Podcast at A Brit named Alex who now lives in Osaka puts up these podcasts about every week. He covers various aspects of the Japanese language, including providing information on various bens (Japanese dialects). I download these and listen to these when I am driving in my car.
他の読んでいるブログはhttp://japanese.libsyn.comでLearn Japanese Podcast(日本語を習うポッドキャスト)だ。Alexさんというイングランドから大阪に住んでいる人は1週間に1回ぐらい作っている。色々な日本語の事がある。例えば色々な弁がある。私はダウンロードして、車で聞く。

He also publishes videos from time to time. And he has other Blog sites which are off of the learning Japanese subject, and cover other things (such as one day that he and a friend biked a route that followed the Osaka Loop train line).



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