Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flight 93 movie

There is a movie called Flight 93 coming out tomorrow and it is about 9/11. Do people want to see a movie on 9/11?
9月11日テロについてFlight 93と言う映画は明日映画館にある。皆さんー9月11日テロについて映画を見たい?

I don't think I want to see it. It would bring back too many memories for me.
見たくないと思う。 沢山遺事を思い出すと思う。

When Sep. 11 happened, I was in Shanghai on a business trip. I had just returned to my hotel from a business dinner and turned on CNN. By that time, the first plane had hit the world tower and CNN had just gone live with the report from NY. As I was watching, I saw the second plane hit. Then the reports of a crash in Washington DC came in. Then about United 93 crashing in Pennsylvania. I called back to San Francisco and told a friend to avoid the Golden Gate Bridge, figuring that could be a target. It was a very stressful night, and I couldn't sleep.
9月11日の時私は中国の上海に出張した。その日晩ご飯に行って、ホテルに帰って、CNNにテレビを点けた。前一番目の飛行機は世界貿易センターに墜落事故した。 CNNはニューヨークで実況放送していた。 見ながら二番目の墜落事故した。そしてワシントンだった。 その後ペンシルバニアのUnited 93の事だった。 私はサンフランシスコ の友達に電話をかけた。 「金門橋へ行くな」と言った。 ターゲットだと思った。 その夜あまり寝なかった。

The next day, I had to fly to Beijing. I was in a total daze - I could not believe what I had seen the night before. But being in China, I felt pretty safe.
次の日北京へ飛行機で行った。茫然した。 見た事を懐疑した。 でも中国にいたので、安全の気持ちだった。


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Nathan Miller said...

I had just got home from teaching, it was a Tuesday night in Japan...I was dead tired and didn't understand what my Japanese girlfriend at the time was trying to tell me. She mentioned, oh well those kinda things happen in America all the time...I am sure everything will be fine. Boy, her elevator didn't go to the top full...I woke up the next day, went to work...all the teachers appoarched me and asked I was ok...I was still in the fog, until I got into the teachers room where there was a huge TV with the Japanese news running...


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