Friday, July 07, 2006

Blogs I Read - SFGate World Views

The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper also has an on-line site, In the last few months, they have added a set of Blogs to this site. One that I have started reading is World Views.
サンフランシスコのSan Francisco Chronicleと言う新聞はホームページもある。http://www.sfgate.comだ。最近ブログも付け加えた。読んでいる一つはWorld Views(世界の見識)だ。

The author of the Blog, Edward M. Gomez, is a former U.S. diplomat and has worked as a reporter for TIME, The New York Times, the Japan Times and the International Herald Tribune.
詠み人はEdward M. Gomezだ。外交官だった。TIMEの雑誌とNew York TimesとJapan TimesとInternational Herald Tribuneのレポーターもだった。

I like how he calls it like he sees it, and reminds Americans about things which other media don't report. One example is in his post on North Korea's Missile Tests, he mentions how even though the US Government is in an uproar over North Korea's missile and nuclear program, we conveniently ignore the missile and nuclear programs of our friends, Israel, India, Pakistan, etc. Also he reminds us that the moratorium that was agreed to between Clinton and North Korea was scrapped by Bush early on in his administration.

I also like how he brings in what is being published on the subject in other country's media, which provides a different outlook than what we see here in America.



At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess your perspective on his "different outlook" depends on your worldview.

I have always found him to embrace the typical US Lefty viewpoint. That's about as unique as a farmer in Kansas.

BTW, Israel and India do not threaten their neighbors with nuclear strikes every other week, and are democracies.


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