Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sylvia did good!

We use various types of water bags when we kayak camp, but prefer ones that are flexible so they can fit in the odd spaces of a kayak. The top of the line one is the MSR Dromedary line of water bags. But they are expensive - a 6 liter one is some $35.
カヤックのキャンプする時色々な水袋を使う、でも曲げやすい形のはいいだろう。一番いい水袋はMSR Dromedaryだ。でもとても高い(普通1つは$35ぐらい)。

Sylvia was up in Canada a few weeks back and saw a sale of 2 for $10. The catch was they were missing part of their cap. She bought them figuring we could find some way to fix it.

My first step was to contact the manufacture and see if they do sell them. They say they do, and the part is only $0.25 per piece (we need 2), but they have a minimum order of $10. Rather than going through the hassle of doing an oder, they just sent me out the parts for free! Yeah - 2 Dromedaries for $10!



At 7:28 PM, Anonymous min said...

is this fabric 水筒?? I have naver see water botlle like this. it is compact for trip after used water up.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

Yes, the bags are flexible, so can be folded up after they are empty.


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