Friday, November 02, 2007

Live near fast food is a web site in Japan that is similar to Yahoo. They do surveys, including a recent one on what foreign food stores do Japanese people wish was near their homes.

  1. Haagen-Dazs / ハーゲンダッツ
  2. Starbucks / スターバックス
  3. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts / クリスピー・クリーム・ドーナツ
  4. Subway / サブウェイ
  5. Burger King / バーガーキング
  6. Taco Bell / タコベル
  7. Hard Rock Cafe / ハードロックカフェ
  8. Wendy’s / ウェンディーズ
  9. Cold Stone Creamery / コールドストーンクリーマリー
  10. OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE / アウトバックステーキハウス

There are some interesting results to this. For example, the number one choice was Haagen Dazs, which doesn't have stores in Japan, as far as I know (but is available in just about every convenience store and grocery store). Similarly, Taco Bell is #6, and also doesn't have stores in japan (excwept on American military bases).

Number 3 is Crispy Creme Donuts. This is a total fad in Japan right now. They opened their first store less than a year ago, and only a few weeks ago opened their second store. Very much in the news, with pictures of lines around the block.

Burger King is number 5, but interestingly McDonalds is not on the list. I think this may be because McDonalds are already all over the place in japan, so they don't need to wish to live near one (they already do).

The ranking system is kind of strange. They give the most popular choice a score of 100, and then give the other responses in relation to this. This tells you how popular in comparison different stores are, but doesn't tell you the overall popularity of the choices (do half the people want to live near a Haagen-Dazs, or just 2%?).



At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Nobue said...

It depends on where they have had the research.

Since I live in Tokyo and I have many of them on the list.
In fact Hagen-Dazs,Starbucks,Cold Stone Creamery are near my house.

There used to be Burger King and Wendy’s too. But they have closed for some reason. I don't know why. I just guess it wasn't as good as Moss Burger.(Oh well, it's Japanese original one.)

Then Subway and Hard Rock Cafe are bit away from my area however, it's not so far. I go there sometime in a while.

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE and Taco Bell are not available in my area. But it's OK for me. I have enough much.

Anyway, I guess this results may based on local cities or far country sides research.


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