Monday, September 17, 2007

Columbia River Water Trail - Animals

This is a multi-part posting related to the paddle we just did down the Columbia River Water Trail. The parts are:

Part 1 - Basics of the trip
Part 2 - the Trip
Part 3 - Animals seen
Part 4 - Resources for others interested in this trip
Part 5 - Some pics of me that Brian took


Part 3 - Animals:
We saw many animals on this trip.. Below are some of the ones I was able to photograph. We did see others, like a mink and many fish, that I did not capture with my camera.


River Otter

Crayfish looking mean

Deer walking across beach

Baby eel?


Heron or egret

Osprey flying

Bald eagle


Many cormorant flying


Banana slug - the ones we have in CA don't have the black spots on them

One of the raccoons that visited our campsite

These photos (and more) and also some video clips that I took can be seen

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At 5:14 AM, Anonymous Priscilla said...

Hi Peter,

I read all posts about the Columbia River trail and was quite amazed how much wild nature is left there. I happened to see a TV program about Osprey the other night as well as the 11th hour tonight. If people have some time to appreciate their environment and consider they are a part of it, things could be a bit different... maybe.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger PeterD said...

The stretch between Longview and the ocean is not built up that much, so has a lot of nature. Same for the stretch above Portland in the Columbia River Gorge.

Actually, by the end of the trip, I am sure we saw over 100 osprey. I was so excited to see them at first, but by the end, I wasn't even noting when we saw one.

Only saw about a half dozen eagles, and they were all downstream from Longview.


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