Monday, September 17, 2007

Columbia River Water Trail - Pics of Me

This is a multi-part posting related to the paddle we just did down the Columbia River Water Trail. The parts are:

Part 1 - Basics of the trip
Part 2 - the Trip
Part 3 - Animals seen
Part 4 - Resources for others interested in this trip
Part 5 - Some pics of me that Brian took


Pics of me:

Brian has posted some of his pictures from the trip at These include a few pictures of me, which I am copying to here (being that I am usually the one taking the pictures, I don't normally get any of me...).

Us paddling through the brush along the shore of Deep River (me in the gray boat). Sylvia and I always like the challenge of paddling around things, to see if we have the boat handling skills to be able to do it without hitting anything. I actually entered the brush last, and passed Brian and Janet when they got the tandem stuck on some branches.

In this picture, I am paddling through the legs of a bridge (Highway 4 bridge over Deep River). I made it through without hitting my boat or paddle against the bridge. This picture doesn't show it well, but there are about a dozen legs on each side and you have to travel a couple of boat lengths in distance before you are clear. Definitely need to go straight (or use a rudder) to make it without touching.

I have my sun hat on, which protects the back of my neck from sun. With the fog, I wasn't expecting to get any sun that day, but had it closed up so that it would provide me a little bit of warmth.

Ok, maybe I should have put my shirt on for this one...

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