Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wilderness First Aid

Last weekend, I took a Wilderness First Aid class with the local kayak club. This class varies from the standard first aid/CPR class in that it assumes that professional help (like an ambulance) won't be able to arrive for over an hour (perhaps even days), where in normal circumstances they can be there in about 10 minutes. So we needed to be able to make sure that a patient survives for longer periods, and also that we could transport them out.

The class was 16 hours in total and covered many different things. We also had many practice sessions, including some with blood makeup used. I definitely learned a lot.

The class took place at the Presidio Yacht Club, which is at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. We definitely had great views.
その授業はゴールデンゲートブリッジのふもとにPresidio Yacht Clubにあった。橋がよく見える

If you are interested in wilderness first aid classes, the company that provided the training was Foster Calm.
Foster Calmという会社は教えた。



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