Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wildlife / 野生生物

Yesterday, I went for a kayak trip with some friends to Drake's Estero on Point Reyes. I had heard about this area how much wildlife there is there, but had not had a chance to paddle there yet.
昨日友達とポイント・レイエスのDrake's Esteroへカヤックに乗りに行った。その所は野生生物がいるそうだ、けど行ったことがない。

And now that I have been there, I am glad that I did go. We saw a lot of wildlife, including some that I normally only see in zoos or aquariums. Can you name what is in the pictures below:

Click on the picture to see picture in full size.

We loaded up my car a lot to get there. It wad good to see that I can fit 3 boats on the roof of the car.

Oh, what are the pictures of? The first picture is of a Leopard Shark. We saw quite a few of these in the shallow water. They looked to be about 3 feet long.

The second is of a Harbor Seal looking at us. These guys are very curious, and are always checking to see what we are doing.

The third picture is of a Ray. They were in the shallow water in the same area as the leopard sharks.



At 1:17 AM, Anonymous princessruby said...

I did not know there are many sharks around your area. I have not been many places where I can see wildlife animals in Australia. In my home country, If I work as an interpreter, I could go and see many at a wildlife education centre just 30 minutes away from my place. I arrange those jobs to interpreters and become envious because they see those wonderful things...

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At 7:54 AM, Blogger PeterD said...

The friend I kayaked with also posted some information and photos on his web site at


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