Tuesday, September 19, 2006

San Francisco Sightseeing Advice - Lombard Street

Lombard Street (#1 on the map below) in San Francisco is a must visit for anyone. It is claimed to be the twistiest street in San Francisco.

But, because it is so popular, it is also often very crowded. If you do drive the road, I have some advice on how to get there without getting stuck in traffic jams.

The obvious route is to come straight up Lombard Street from Van Ness (#2 on map). But this route gets backed up, due to the stop signs at each intersection, so can be very slow.
Van Ness StreetからLombard Street(#2)に上るのは当り前だ。でも止まれのサインがあるので、とても遅い。

Many people try to come up Hyde Street from Fisherman's Wharf (#3 on the map). But you are not allowed to make a left onto Lombard, so this route does not work.

The best solution is to come from the other direction (#4 on the map). If you are coming from the direction of the Golden Gate Bridge, take Lombard to Van Ness, and make a right on Van Ness. Go two blocks and make a left on Filbert Street. Take this 3 blocks to Hyde, where you will make a left. Then 2 blocks and a right onto Lombard. This route usually gets you around all the traffic.
一番いい道はHyde Streetの他の針路だ。ゴールデンゲート海峡から来れば、Lombard Streetに行って、Van Nessで右へ曲がって。2番目の信号のFilbert Streetで左へ曲がって、3番の信号へ行って。Hyde Streetで左へ曲がって、2番の角(右)はLombard Streetだ。この道は雑沓がないんだよ。

Truthfully, while you are driving, you should also try driving down Filbert Street from Hyde to Leavansworth (#5 on the map). Lombard covers this steep hill by putting in switchbacks. Filbert does it by going straight down the hill.
実はFilbert Streetの岡も行ったほうがいいよ。Hyde StreetからLeavansworth Streetまでだ。Lombard Streetはアピンカーブがある、けどFilbertは真っすぐ急な坂を下る。



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