Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snowy weekend in the mountains

I went with some friends last weekend to the mountains south of Lake Tahoe to snow shoe and cross country ski. While we were there, it snowed a lot. Can you tell what is in the picture to the right, which was taken towards the end of the snow storm? Click here to see a picture out the same window before the snow started.
先週末友達とタホ湖の南の山に遊びに行った。そこに滞在している間、大雪が降った。右にあるの雪の終わりごろに取った写真には何か見られるか? 同じ窓から一日前の写真はここにある

The picture to the left was out the back door of the cabin, which wasn't getting any use during the winter.



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