Friday, November 06, 2009

Adrenaline side of sea kayaking

Kayaking is much like mountain biking - you get out an enjoy nature, but there is also a challenge side of it. My last post showed part of the nature side of kayaking, with lots of animals. But many of those pictures were taken from flat water - be like seeing animals from the paved bike path in Yosemite.

So, to show that other side, I made a similar video of the more adrenaline side of kayaking - basically, where the water is not flat.

As with the animal video, there are many more exciting times I was not able to get on video, not for the least reason that I couldn't stay upright while filming in some of the conditions...

A few pics also:

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Video of Animals seen while Kayaking

I have posted short clips of animal videos in the past, and some (like the 4 second video of Mobulas/Manta Rays jumping) were very popular. Figured it was worth compiling them into a single video.

There are many more animals I have seen, but did not get on video. A prime example being that I have seen literally dozens of gray whales, but don't have any decent video clips (actually, not even any decent photos) of them taken while kayaking.

Here are some photos of animals...

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