Thursday, December 04, 2008

Breaking news - Santa trade sled for boat!

I went for a paddle today, and saw something shocking! Santa was trying out his new boat. Seems he had to replace his sled with a boat, as global warming was melting all the snow.
今日カヤックに乗った。 びっくりした!サンタさんは新しい舟を試乗した。地球温暖化で雪解けなので、そりに代わる舟だ。

Actually, it was the Dolphin Club taking photos for their web site or Xmas card or something like that.
実はDolphin Clubというスイミングクラブのクリスマス・カードの写真を取っている。

Paddled up to the Golden Gate Bridge, and then back to Pier 39. Not as many sea lions hanging out there today as there normally are. Also, less tourists watching them as per normal.



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