Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Road Trip Part 2 - Glacier

Second part of our trip was to Glacier National Park, which is up on the border with Canada. This park was formed by glaciers, so has very beautiful mountains. There are still a few glaciers left (though they are getting smaller each year), but we could only see them from a distance. This park also has a lot of wildlife in it.

We did 2 long hikes, and a half day of paddling on the lake we stayed near. Below are some videos and pictures.

View from our hotel window / ホテルの窓からの景色:

We saw this moose while doing one of our long hikes / ハイキングの途中でムース見た:

Sometime wildlife is so hard to find. This female big horn sheep was walking through the hotel's parking lot / 雌のビッグホーンヒツジ:

Picture from our paddle / カヤックからの写真:

Mountains on the other side of the park / 国立公園の東側の山:

I wanted to see a bear while hiking, and in the last 100 yards of our last hike, we finally saw this guy / ハイキングの途中で熊見た:

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At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Nobue said...

The Glacier National Park is great. Especially the contrast of mountains and lakes.
I liked your pic of mountain and lake. So beautiful!


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