Friday, May 02, 2008

Short walk for peace

I went for a bike ride today. Had 2 goals - to get a long ride in (was on a scale at my doctor's last week, and decided I could use to lose a few lbs.) and to see if I could see any migrating gray whales (I looked, but they hid). So I biked to Stinson Beach and back.
今日Stinson Beachへ自転車に乗った。体重のために運動しなければならないと思う。そして今鯨は北方へ移動するので、見たかった(でもあいにく見なかった)。

While I was stopped and watching for whales, a guy walked up to me pushing a cart. He stopped and chatted for a while. Seems he is walking from Mexico to Canada to "build bridges of understanding, love, and compassion with non-violence, global peace, and unity at the core." If you want to follow his travels, he has a Blog at

Before this, I did see a turkey with her brood on the side of a road in Mill Valley. Wasn't sure how defensive she would be when I biked past her (I've known geese to attack), but she let me pass.
前にMill Valleyに野生のシチメンチョウとシチメンチョウの子を見た。

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