Friday, November 17, 2006

New Camera, New Move

Because of the kayaking I have been doing, I bought a new digital camera. The old camera worked fine, but it was a hassle to always have to carry it in a waterproof bag and then be very careful with it when I took it out to take photos. So I decided to get a Pentax Optio W20, which is waterproof.
カヤック乗りのために新しいデジカメを買った。前のデジカメは大丈夫だ、でもカヤック乗ったとき気を付けた。防水袋に入らなければ。不便だ。だからPentax Optio W20を買った。そのデジカメは防水だ。

It doesn't hurt that my girlfriend and I are going to Hawaii in a few weeks, and plan to do some snorkeling. This camera should work perfectly for that also. I look forward to seeing those photos.

I did give it a good test last night. I went to a local pool for some lessons on how to do an Eskimo roll in my kayak. The instructor used the camera to take the following 3 videos (sorry about the lack of lighting). Click on picture to see the video - all are Quicktime format and about 6-7 megabytes each:

Oh, as you will see in the videos, I was able to do some Eskimo Rolls. But I need to practice more. Hopefully I will remember how to do it the next time I go kayaking.



At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice videos! Congrats on getting the roll - looks really good!


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