Friday, March 16, 2007

Problems with Gmail

Google has been a great company or me. Lots of good tools that I use.

But recently there seems to be problems with Gmail. Some people have sent messages to me, and these messages are bouncing with a message saying I am over Gmail's quota (where I am not - I am only at 14% of quota). I also sent an email to a friend, and got the same error message back (Laura - I was trying to tell you thanks for the info on Mexico).

Ok, I have a weird system. Emails are sent to my address. This forwards them to Gmail (which has a good spam filter process and allows me to get messages when I am traveling). I then download to my computer from there. But I don't think funky process is at part of this.

I went to Google's site to see if I could send some sort of error report, and it seems that they don't provide a way to do this. Huh? No customer support? That isn't good.

Hopefully they fix the problem and people can reliably email me again soon.



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