Tuesday, March 13, 2007

kayak videos

My girlfriend and I went with a friend to Point Lobos, near Monterey, last weekend for some kayaking. At the end of the trip, I took some video clips of us playing in the waves at the beach, and posted those on Youtube.
先週末友達と彼女とMontereyの近くにPoint Lobosへカヤックに乗りに行った。ビーチで遊んで事をビデオして、Youtubeに置いた。

The yellow boat is my friend Brian. I am in the grey boat.
黄色のカヤックはBrianさんだ。グレイ 色のは私だ。



At 1:38 PM, Blogger nz-ajb said...

A month between blog entries, I was getting worried. Thought maybe the elephant seals had got you! :)


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