Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Elephant Seal

I had to do a presentation for my Japanese class, and I decided to do it on Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo State Park
プレゼンテーションさせた。Ano Nuevo州立公園のエレファント・シールの事にする。


昨日Ano Nuevo州立公園へ行きました。エレファント・シールを見るために、そこで2,3マイル・ハイキングしました。多いエレファント・シールいました。
Yesterday, I went to Ano Nuevo State Park. So we could see elephant seals, we went for a short hike. There were many elephant seals there.

Because they are very large, and the males have a nose that is long, they are called Elephant Seals.

Males (bulls) reaching five meters in length, and average 4000 lbs. The females are about 3 meters (10 feet) long and 650 kg (1400 lbs).

They are big, aren’t they.

Despite their ungainly appearance, they can move faster on land than a human being can run. Because it can be dangerous, we were required to go on the hike with a park ranger.

Beginning in the 18th century, elephant seals were hunted for their blubber oil. About 100 years ago, there were less than 1000 seals left alive. They were only on a remote island off of Mexico.

But now they are a protected species, and numbers have recovered to over 100,000

毎冬繁殖のためにAno Nuevoに来ます。2,3ヶ月寝たり、繁殖したり、します。牡はけんかもします。勝者は雌と一緒にいて、繁殖できます。
Every winter, some come to Ano Nuevo to breed. For 2 or 3 months, they sleep and breed. The males also fight. The male that wins the fight gets to breed.

Because this guy is alone, he was likely not the winner of his battles. So he will probably not get to breed.

乳離れした子どもです。1ヶ月にお母さんの牛乳を飲みます。その後、お母さんは海に行きます。でも 子どもはもう2ヶ月ビーチにいます。そのとき食べません。その後子ども も海に行きます。
This is a weaned baby seal. For 1 month, he was fed milk by his mother. But after that, his mother returns to the sea. But the baby stays on the beach. He doesn’t eat for 2 months. After that, the child also goes to sea.

七つ繁殖させるのに好適な場所があります。普通は島の上です。例えばサンフランシスコの近くにあるFarallon Islandsやサンタ・バーバラの近くにあるChannel Islandsです。本土にはAno NuevoとPoint Reyesで見えます。
There are seven places where elephant seals breed. Usually they are on islands, including the Farallon Islands off of San Francisco and Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara. On the mainland, you can see them at Ano Nuevo State Park and Point Reyes National Seashore.

烏賊や蛸や魚を食べます。でもAno Nuevoにいるとき、ぜんぜん食べません。
The Northern Elephant Seal feeds on squid, octopus, fish, etc. But when they are at Ano Nuevo, they don’t eat anything.

Elephant seals eats when underwater at depths of more than 650 feet. They can dive as deep as 5000 feet.

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At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Priscilla said...

this posting is very informative. I did not know that elaphant seal can move so fast that people might get injured if they encounter a running seal... I will keep it in my mind.
They look a bit weird and wonder why their nose is so long.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

Thanks foor the post.

I am not sure if other seals can run as fast. We were told that the elephant seals don't really care that we were there (we walked about 10 feet from some at one point). But if a male elephant seal sees another male, he will rush towards him to fight, knocking over anything in his way. Because they are so large, a person would not have a chance. Even baby elephant seals are sometimes killed by this.


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