Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Hawaii

More pictures below from the trip. Feel free to click on a picture to see it in larger size.

Here is the view from our hotel room. We stayed at a resort in Kapaa, on the east side of the Island.
We took a boat trip up along the Na Pali Coast. The coast line is very dramatic, with mountains rising up right from the sea.
舟でNa Pali沿岸を見た。山は海のすぐ隣にある。すごい。

On that same trip, we saw many Spinner Dolphins, who would come and swim alongside our boat. We also saw from a distance a Humpback Whale.

We spent one day kayaking. There is a waterfall that can only be reached by kayak and hiking, so we went there. We were able to swim in the pool below the waterfall - that was pretty cool. We then explored the river and also looked out into the surf (but decided not to tempt the waves in our rented kayak).

One day, we took a drive up along a ridgeline between Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast. Here is a picture of the canyon, and one of the view towards the coast.
車でNa Pali沿岸とWaimeaキャニオンの間の山の背を運転した。Na Pali沿岸とWaimeaキャニオンの写真だ。

The Na Pali coast is so amazing, you can't see it too many times. We also hiked along a portion of the northern end one day on the Kalalau Hiking trail.
そしてNa Paliの北のKalalauという山道でハイキングした。

We also snorkeled just about every day, and saw much sea life. In one picture, you can get a feel for how close the fish would come, as the fish was between me and Sylvia.

Twice while snorkeling, we were also lucky enough to see a Sea Turtle. It was very cool to be able to swim along side the turtle.



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